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Realtor MLO arrangement in Florida

Empower Growth

Pineyro Capital Group Inc NMLS# 420112 is a true partner to our real estate community.  We are proactive in solving difficult problems and work to find the best loan programs for your referrals. We are fully committed to providing communication, excellent service, and partnering with you to create lifelong customers.


When you trust Pineyro Capital Group, we respect your relationship and work diligently on behalf of your homebuyers.

Empowering Realtors and MLOs for Success

As a Realtor in Florida, looking to broaden your financial horizons, partnering with Pineyro Capital Group as a licensed MLO offers a seamless pathway to diversify your expertise and amplify your earning potential. Join us at Morty to embark on this journey towards comprehensive financial empowerment.

2 days

Average time for a realtor MLO to get set up with PCG.

7+ billion 

Dollars in mortgage loans originted since our inception 1998.

38+ loans

The average monthly loan volume generated by our Real Estate Agent - MLO program.

$50K - $4M

Range of loan amounts on our network for purchase, refi, HELOC, non-QM, DPA and more.

$ 402,610

Average loan amount originated from our Realtor MLO Program.


Average "NO HEAVY LIFTING" commission earned from Realtor MLO Partner.

Be Full Service With Mortgage

  • Streamlined Go-To-Market.  Integrate mortgage services quickly for a seamless customer experience.

  • Training, Onboarding & Support.  Utilize our tech and network for exceptional customer service without lengthy training.

  • Early Buyer Qualification & Nurture.  Serve early-stage customers efficiently with 24/7 support and advisory services.

  • Increase Revenue.  Boost your income with every closed sale and originated mortgage.

  • No Extra Work.  Our team manages your files from application to closing, with no extra effort on your part.

  • Automatic Qualification Tools.  Use all of PCGs tools for automated pre-qualification, pre-approval, and marketing material.

  • Immediately Tap Into 100+ Approved Lenders and Over 200 Loan Programs.  Expand your offerings with every loan option in the market.

  • Full Compliance Support.  PCG handles compliance and QC, so you can focus on your clients.

  • Grow Your Margins with Mortgage.  Increase your profitability by adding mortgage services.

  • Channel-Based Compensation.  Control your margins, pricing, and products to offer the best deals.

  • White-Labeled Experience.  Customize the customer journey to enhance your brand visibility and value.

  • Processing & Fulfillment Support.  Morty handles everything from disclosures to third-party coordination, letting you focus on clients.

Realtor MLO program with PCG

Take Control of the Entire Home Buying Process:

Quick and easy activation

  • PCG gets you dual-licensed as a loan officer in 1-3 days in Florida and we support you every step of the way.

  • PCG's tech makes it easy to provide your clients with an incredible home financing experience that reflects the service you provide as an agent.

  • Increased commission from being both real estate agents and mortgage broker. Our platform and support means you’ll never feel like you’re doing two jobs at once.

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