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Pineyro Capital Group Inc.
State of Florida License # NMLS 420112

With over 30 years of combined real estate experience in the State of Florida, Pineyro Capital Group Inc. is fully equipped to handle all your mortgage needs.  Whether you are a first time buyer with no money down, a buyer looking to add a second home, an investor looking to start or grow a real estate portfolio, we get the job done.  We have over 60 lenders to originate loans for and excess of 90 different loan options.

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Whether you are purchasing your first home or refinancing your existing home, Pineyro Capital Group Inc. can help assist you through the process.  We will make it easier for you to understand how the process works and assist you in determining what you can afford and the mortgage amount you qualify for. In short, we will help you find the right loan for you and your financial goals.

Home Purchases

We can assist you in all areas of the purchase process from selecting the right title company to the all important loan program selection. Rely on our expertise to keep your expenses down while maximizing your equity position throughout the life of your loan.

Credit Problems?

Credit Problems are no problem for our team of mortgage selection specialists. We can provide any number of options to even the most credit challenged people. Allow us to take the time to go over your situation with you in detail. You won’t be disappointed.

Too Much Debt?

Many options are available for debt consolidation from HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) to Seconds and other Debt Consolidation instruments – call one of our knowledgeable Loan Officers today for a free consultation.

With our 20+ years of experience in the home funding business, no situation is too challenging for our team of specialists!

Call now for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

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PORTFOLIO FLORIDA LENDERS – Purchase 1 day out of Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bankruptcy down to a 500 credit score. Loans up to 1 million with credit scores down to 500. Up to 80% LTV. 30 year fixed no prepayment penalty.

BANK STATEMENT FLORIDA ONLY LENDERS – Must be self-employed a minimum of 2 years. Must have 3 trade lines for 12 months on the credit report. Transfers from business account OK! All persons listed on bank statements must be used on the loan application. No tax returns needed. 24 months personal bank statements used to qualify. Up to 80% LTV up to 50% DTI. No seasoning after a Florida short sale or Florida foreclosure. 2nd homes and investment properties OK!

JUMBO FLORIDA MORTGAGE – Your mortgage amount exceeds the current conforming home loan limit (in most cases $417,000), a Jumbo loan is likely the best choice for you. 

INTEREST ONLY FLORIDA MORTGAGE – An interest only mortgage is great if you are interested in the lowest possible monthly payment for an initial period of time.

FLORIDA REVERSE MORTGAGE LENDERS – Homeowners over 62 that do not own much on their home can tap into their equity to spend how they wish.

ADJUSTABLE RATE FLORIDA MORTGAGE (ARM) – Savvy borrowers will want to take advantage of the lowest rate available with an adjustable rate mortgage! It’s a great loan option if rates are on the decline or you’re staying in your home for a short time. 

BAD CREDIT FLORIDA MORTGAGE – We get borrowers approved every day to purchase a Florida home with a bad credit past. FHA mortgage and VA mortgage approvals are among the easiest loan programs for Florida bad credit mortgage applicants.

 NO CREDIT SCORE FLORIDA MORTGAGE LENDERS – Florida mortgage applicants with no credit score get approved every day to purchase a Florida home with no credit score or lack of credit using alternate trade lines.


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Since 2000, our reputation as a trusted and successful mortgage brokerage business has spread throughout the State of Florida.  We have always managed to put our clients first by providing the best personalized service and making sure all their mortgage needs are met. Here’s what some of my clients had to say about our services.

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The whole process from start to finish was absolutely magnificent. Robert when above and beyond to keep everyone at ease during the process. Communication was always available! Will definitely work with the Pineyro team again!! I highly recommend them

Moises A Hernandez P.A.

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Ready to purchase a property and need help with financing? Get in touch to find out how I can help with your mortgage needs.

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