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Unlocking Homeownership: A Guide to Profit and Loss Mortgages in Florida


Inquiries often come our way: "Do we offer a profit and loss only mortgage loan in Florida?" The answer is a resounding YES! However, before delving into this mortgage loan option, it's crucial to understand its nuances and whether it's the right fit for you.

Understanding Profit and Loss (P&L) Loans

A Profit and Loss (P&L) loan is a specialized mortgage tailored for self-employed individuals or business owners. Similar to bank statement loans, these mortgages cater to individuals with unconventional income sources who seek mortgage qualification based on their P&L statements rather than traditional documents like tax returns or W-2 forms.

P&L loans analyze a business's profit and loss statements to assess financial viability, providing a flexible lending approach that aligns with the unique financial circumstances of self-employed individuals. They are particularly ideal for:

  • Self-employed individuals leveraging tax deductions to reduce reported income.

  • Small business owners or entrepreneurs deriving income from business ownership.

  • Freelancers or gig workers with irregular income patterns.

How P&L Loans Operate

Instead of relying on personal income, P&L loans evaluate a business owner's profit and loss statements over a specified period, typically a year. These loans acknowledge the natural income fluctuations inherent in self-employment, offering adaptability to the irregularities often encountered in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Benefits of P&L Mortgages

P&L mortgages provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Flexibility in income documentation: They allow the use of business profit and loss statements for income verification.

  • Accommodation for irregular income: Variations in income are acknowledged, simplifying qualification for borrowers with irregular earnings

  • Customized eligibility criteria: Lenders offering P&L mortgages often have more lenient requirements tailored to self-employed individuals and business owners.

  • Higher loan approval chances: Individuals with variable incomes or those taking tax deductions may find it easier to qualify for P&L loans.

  • Entrepreneurial flexibility: P&L loans accommodate various income sources, ideal for individuals with multiple revenue streams or unconventional business structures.

  • Competitive interest rates: While rates vary, P&L mortgages often offer competitive terms.

  • Fast loan processing: With streamlined income verification, P&L loans may have quicker processing times than traditional mortgages.

Requirements for P&L Mortgages

To qualify for a P&L mortgage from Pineyro Capital Group Inc., NMLS# 420112, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • At least two years of self-employment.

  • Submission of at least one profit and loss statement.

  • Maintenance of three months of PITI reserves in the bank for loan amounts under $1M.

  • A credit score of 599 or above.

  • Minimum loan amount of $100,000 and maximum loan of $4M

  • Down payment of at least 10%, varying with credit score.

  • Required financial reserves depending on the loan amount.

Apply for a P&L Loan Today

Experience the freedom of flexible financing designed for self-employed individuals and business owners. With Pineyro Capital, you'll find streamlined documentation, tailored eligibility, and competitive rates. Don't let conventional loan requirements hinder your homeownership dreams — apply for a P&L loan today and step into the home you've been dreaming of. Explore this program and all our other mortgage loan options tailored for business owners and entrepreneurs in Florida.

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